How To: Use SleepWatch Without an Apple Watch

SleepWatch is known for its hassle free auto-detection of sleep via the Apple Watch. But, did you know that SleepWatch can be used without a watch? If you haven't taken the plunge into the Apple Watch world and would still like to get insight into your sleep, you'll be pleased to know it’s possible with SleepWatch. By simply tracking your sleep times each morning with the SleepWatch iOS app for iPhone, you’ll be able to glean insight into multiple aspects of your sleep. You’ll also be able to receive personalized suggestions for how to improve.

What features are available?

By logging your sleep times each morning with the SleepWatch iOS app, you’ll be able to track your Total Sleep Time, sleep goal progress, 3-Day Sleep Target, and Sleep Rhythm.

You’ll also be able to keep track of how your sleep may be impacting how you feel using the Restedness and Fatigueness tracking features. The Restedness feature lets you keep track of how well-rested you feel upon waking up each morning. With the Fatigueness feature, SleepWatch will send you a notification each mid-day asking you how fatigued you feel. It will then automatically log your answer to your sleep history. SleepWatch will analyze your responses to deliver you insight into how your sleep appears to be impacting your Restedness or Fatigueness level.

As you continue to log your sleep day-over-day, you’ll also be able to see how your Total Sleep Time and Sleep Rhythm are changing over time from the “Trends” tab. You’ll also be able to be notified of personalized suggestions for improvement from the "Updates" tab.

What features are only available when using an Apple Watch?

Should you choose to make the jump into the Apple Watch world, there are additional SleepWatch features that become available. First and foremost, when you wear your Apple Watch to sleep, SleepWatch will automatically track your results without requiring that you manually input your sleep times. You’ll also be able to glean some additional insight into how you sleep through the Sleep Pattern graph and by auto-tracking your estimated Total Restful Sleep Time, Average Sleeping Heart Rate, and Sleeping Heart Rate Dip.

How To Log Sleep With Only Your iPhone (No Apple Watch Required)

Each morning when you wake, simply enter your sleep times using the sleep segments screen by tapping the "No Sleep Tracked (Edit) +" bar from the Today tab. The more nights you track with SleepWatch, the more insight and suggestions for improvement you can receive. Please note, you will not be able to add your planned sleep times ahead of time.

When entering your sleep, you can break up your times into multiple segments to account for interruptions in your sleep. If your night of sleep was uninterrupted then we recommend you only add one Sleep Segment. If, however, you woke up during your sleep at least once, we recommend you enter multiple Sleep Segments—one for each uninterrupted period of sleep. This can allow SleepWatch to provide you more accurate insight and feedback.

Once you’ve added all of your Sleep Segments, touch the confirm button to see your insights from the “Today” tab.

As you continue to log your sleep each day, you can expect to see your Sleep Rhythm from the “Today” tab, any changes in your Total Sleep Time and Sleep Rhythm over time from the “Trends” tab, and personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement from the "Updates" tab.

More To Come

We are actively working on concepts to further enhance the phone-only experience with new features and more powerful insights. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section—we look forward to taking a look at them. Thank you!

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