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    Are you someone that gets a great night of sleep and ranks at the top of your peer group? Are you, instead, wrestling with sleep but don't know how your sleep is doing overall or how it changes day to day?

As a SleepWatch user, you may be tracking your nightly Activity, Restedness, Sleep Rhythm and Sleeping Heart Rate Dip, but many of you have asked us, “What are expected or normal results?”. Many also ask, “How much deep sleep should I get?” Other still ask, “Do sleep cycles matter?”

What are expected or normal results?

Sleep is a curious activity. At SleepWatch, we cannot answer the question of what is normal for any one individual, but we can equip you with a clearer view of your sleep and how you might be sleeping in comparison to others of your sex, age group, and body mass index. We can also show you how you compare to the broader SleepWatch community.


With SleepWatch Premium Membership our aim is to help you with all the right tools. For example, with SleepWatch Score you get a simple, clear, yet advanced view of how you are sleeping that you can track over time. We also have Smart Bedtime Reminders for those who are looking for help maintaining a more regular bedtime. Our Sleep Report Card can reveal something remarkable about your sleep and provides a comprehensive look at your SleepWatch results over time.

SleepWatch Score™ & Premium Comparisons

Do you sleep well consistently? Are you, instead, wrestling with sleep but don't know how your sleep is doing overall or how it changes day to day?

SleepWatch Premium provides you with Premium Comparisons so you can see how you compare against other sleepers that may be similar to you. You can also see how your SleepWatch results compare to others all over the world. Membership provides you with your very own SleepWatch Score to help you track the progress of your sleep. These new features are available in the product as an upgrade to a monthly member subscription with no long term commitment, so you can feel free to try it for a week.

...your very own SleepWatch Score to help you track the progress of your sleep.

What is a SleepWatch Score™?

SleepWatch Score is a numerical representation of your overall sleep based on your own data as estimated by a number of measurable metrics. SleepWatch Score is designed to give you an objective assessment of your overall sleep performance in one easy number. The score is universal across the SleepWatch community and can be used to compare with loved ones or friends. SleepWatch Score is an ideal companion for any apple watch and also supports apple watch 4 sleep tracking.

What factors contribute to my SleepWatch Score™?

Total Sleep Time, Sleep Rhythm, Sleeping Heart Rate Dip, and Average Sleeping Heart Rate are all factors that contribute to your SleepWatch Score.

What’s the difference between my daily and overall SleepWatch Score™?

Your overall score is designed to be a rolling average of your overall sleep quality. Your daily SleepWatch Score is a rating of your most recent sleep. This allows you to see immediately any change positive or negative in your sleep.

What’s the highest SleepWatch Score™?

SleepWatch Score is a numerical value between 1 and 999.

What are the ranges for SleepWatch Score?

Premium Comparisons

SleepWatch Premium Comparisons shows your sleep within a peer group. It also shows you where you are within the entire SleepWatch user base, so that you can have a sense of overall placement. Current comparisons include Sleeping Heart Rate Dip, SleepWatch Score, and Sleep Rhythm.

Smart Bedtime Reminders

Getting to Sleep On Time Can Be Half the Battle To A Better Night’s Rest

All Premium Members get Smart Bedtime Reminders. SleepWatch launched this feature for members to more reliably nudge themselves; improving their chances of feeling rested the next day. For example, based on your recent sleep times, we'll automatically notify you when you might want to consider winding down for the night to help promote or maintain a good Sleep Rhythm. This can help you guard against inadvertent binge streaming and remind you when to go to bed to improve your odds of waking up feeling more refreshed. Your wind-down routine may involve reading, meditation, dimming the lights, or a warm pre-sleep shower. Knowing when to begin thinking about sleep can set you up to be more in control. Of course, you are able to turn on/off this feature as needed in the Account tab in the App.

Sleep Report Cards

Another free feature for members is the Sleep Report Card. The report may reveal something remarkable about your sleep. It provides insight along multiple dimensions over a 2 or 4 week period. You can share a completed Report with a loved one, friend, or download for reference.

If you have enough nights measured, you may be able to generate one instantly. If you are missing a few nights, we’ll help you start the process and let you know your report is ready.

Looking to become a Premium Member?

Premium Members versus non-members

The SleepWatch team continues to innovate and develop non-premium SleepWatch features. The premium membership features are optional enhancements and do not take away from the valuable features already in (and coming to) SleepWatch.

Care for your safety

Last but certainly not least: please use SleepWatch appropriately. SleepWatch is designed to help you build better sleep habits. All SleepWatch results are estimates only. Do not rely on SleepWatch for medical advice or diagnosis. Contact your doctor if you have any health concern. If you would like to read more about insomnia, sleep apnea or recommendations for sleep, please see the CDC website on sleep.

Sleep Watch User Tips

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Sleep Watch User Tips

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Sleep Watch User Tips

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