Our mission

We believe in the life-altering power of good sleep.

We're on a mission to empower people to improve their sleep and in turn take control of their own health and wellness.

About SleepWatch

SleepWatch is a sleep intelligence company that makes personalized, data-driven sleep programs.

We founded SleepWatch to provide the products, tools and education to inspire and support a lifetime of better sleep, the cornerstone of good health.

We deploy science, data and Al to interpret behavior and sleep patterns. We then provide custom guidance and personalized recommendations for improving sleep, in turn maximizing health, wellness and performance.

Our SleepWatch technology transforms mobile and loT devices into Al-powered sleep guides, designed to help monitor and then improve the aspects of sleep that can impact health.

Our Vision

When we sleep magic happens. Cells are repaired, our immune system is fortified and our brain is primed for learning. Quite simply, sleep is our superpower.

Wake up after a blissful night of sleep and anything is possible. Better sleep leads to longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Imagine a world where everyone has learned to master the regenerative power of sleep. We have.

Join our journey.


We are scientists, technologists, and designers.
We are also dreamers, doers and wellness advocates.
We believe in health care and healthcare.

Most importantly, we are passionate about the life-altering power of a good night's sleep.

Our team at Bodymatter is comprised of:

  • Ryan


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Steven


    VP of Growth

  • Zach


    Engineering Manager

  • Albert


    Data Science Engineer

  • Dr. Eugene Spiritus

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Amber


    Director, Operations

  • Andy


    Senior iOS Developer

  • Lya


    UI/UX Design

  • Thomas


    DSP Engineer

  • Courtney


    Content & Community

  • Ryan


    Frontend Web Developer

  • Anastasia


    Marketing Designer

  • Casey


    iOS Developer

  • Alex


    Senior Android Developer

Find your best sleep.

Discover what's possible with SleepWatch.

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Find your best sleep.

Discover what's possible with SleepWatch.

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