It All Starts With
Sleep Tracking

SleepWatch turns every Apple Watch into a sophisticated sleep tracker designed to monitor the aspects of sleep that can effect your health, well-being, and performance.

  • Sleep Rhythm

    Tracks how consistently you sleep at the same time day-to-day, which can impact sleep quality, mood, and waking performance

  • Sleep Disruption

    Tracks how much your sleep is interrupted, which may affect overall and cognitive health in the years to come

  • Time to Fall Asleep

    Estimates the time it takes you to fall asleep each night with Advanced Tracking mode, a Premium feature.

  • Morning Restedness

    Tracks how well rested you feel upon waking each day, which is one of the most important indicators of sleep sufficiency

  • Heart Rate Dip

    Tracks the amount that your heart rate slows—or "dips"—during sleep relative to when you are awake, which has been found to be a more powerful health indicator than heart rate

  • Sleeping Heart Rate

    Tracks the average rate your heart beats during sleep, which can be an important indicator of overall health and cardiorespiratory fitness level

  • Sleeping HRV

    Assesses the precise changes in time between successive heartbeats, which may reflect your level of physiological aging

  • Midday Fatigueness

    Monitors how fatigued you feel each day after being awake for a number of hours, which may paint a more complete picture of how well you are sleeping

The SleepWatch app is not a replacement for professional medical care. All results are estimates only. Do not rely on the SleepWatch app for medical advice or diagnosis.

Your Personal Sleep Assistant

Shining light on your path to better sleep

What works to improve one person's sleep isn't best for another. The path to optimal sleep health is different for everyone and changes throughout life. How do you ensure you are getting the best possible sleep?

SleepWatch is a personal, AI-powered sleep assistant. It learns what is unique about your sleep and provides you a personalized path to optimal sleep health.

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Why Sleep Matters

  • Improve Mood
  • Reach Weight Loss Goals
  • Battle Stress
  • Improve Exercise Performance & Recovery
  • Elevate Daytime Energy Levels
  • Learn & Retain New Knowledge Better
  • Improve Workplace Productivity
  • Boost Immune System Strength
  • Build Better Cardiovascular & Brain Health

How Well Are You

SleepWatch ScoreTM is the easiest way to see how well you are sleeping overall. Using a sophisticated algorithm based on our experience with over 100 million nights of sleep, your SleepWatch ScoreTM is based on a comparison of multiple aspects of your sleep against the global SleepWatch community.

How It Works
Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Track sleep with your Apple Watch automatically. No buttons to press. Just wear your Watch to bed and wake up to personalized recommendations and insights about your sleep.

Step 1

Simply wear your Apple Watch to bed

Step 2

Upon waking, see your auto-detected sleep insights on the Apple Watch app or iPhone app

Step 3

Consider SleepWatch's personalized guidance as you adjust your lifestyle and habits