Sleep is your superpower.

Wake up after a restful night of sleep and anything feels possible.

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Did you know?

Poor sleep impacts your body’s ability to repair itself, interrupting life-restoring functions.

It’s possible to improve your sleep. You’re in more control than you know.

Sleep & Your Body

When you sleep magic happens

During sleep, life-enhancing functions take place in your brain and body, preparing you for the next day.

Just one night of poor sleep can negatively impact your body’s ability to rest, recharge and regenerate. Persistent sleep loss can affect your overall health, performance and longevity.


Sleep & Brain Health

When you sleep, important neural connections, which sort and process the day’s information and create long term memories, are built and re-wired. Harmful toxins that build up in your brain from the day’s stresses are flushed and removed.

Benefits: Good sleep improves attention span, memory formation and your ability to learn. It also regulates mood.

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Sleep & Cardiovascular Health

When you sleep, your blood pressure decreases, lowering your pulse and enabling your heart and blood vessels to rest and repair.

Benefits: Good sleep reduces your risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. High blood pressure is one of the key risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

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Sleep & The Immune System

When you sleep, small proteins (antibodies) and T & B cells, which work to keep you healthy, are released into the bloodstream from the immune system.

Benefits: Good sleep empowers you to fight off everything from the common cold and the flu to other infectious diseases. If you are sick or injured, it will help your body fight infection and inflammation.

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Muscle repair

Sleep & Muscle Repair

When you sleep, tissue damaged from physical activity is repaired while new muscle fibers are generated. Your body produces its own muscle building hormones which along with your dietary protein, helps with repair.

Benefits: Good sleep enables you to recover faster and in turn build maximum muscle strength. Coordination and reaction times improve with sleep.

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Weight Loss

Sleep & Weight Loss

When you sleep, the two proteins that affect your metabolism, the mechanism responsible for controlling satiety (feeling satisfied) and hunger, are regulated.

Benefits: Good sleep improves your ability to more effectively balance your diet and regulate consumption.

Getting enough sleep is not a luxury—it is something people need for good health.
- CDC: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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The Best Sleep Is Made

You’re In More Control of Your Sleep Than You Know

Just like diet and exercise, which can be optimized through lifestyle choices and personalized programs, the same is true for sleep.

The actions you take during the day have a profound effect on how well you sleep at night. Understanding this relationship is the key to better sleep and is at the core of our program.

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Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Sleep

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