Advanced Tracking with Time to Fall Asleep

SleepWatch Introduces Advanced Tracking for Premium Members

In order to help you get to know your sleep better, SleepWatch has added Advanced Tracking mode. Advanced Tracking lets you estimate—and track over time—how long it takes you to fall asleep. Advanced Tracking also incorporates a Smart Alarm designed to wake you in light sleep during your configured 30-minute wake-up window. Advanced Tracking employs additional technology available in your Apple Watch. This mode is activated from the SleepWatch app on your Apple Watch. This feature is available to all SleepWatch Premium Members and works best with newer Watch hardware, such as the Series 3 and Series 4.

How Do I Track My Time to Fall Asleep?

Complete your usual nighttime rituals (brushing teeth, bedtime stories, etc.) prior to activating this feature.

Going to Sleep:

When you’re fully done with your nighttime routines and are ready to fall asleep: Open the SleepWatch app on your Apple Watch and “swipe” right. You will encounter a button that reads “Start Sleeping & Lights Out”. Press the button and go to sleep.

Sleep Session:

Once you have successfully activated your Advanced Tracking session, you will see a confirmation screen reading, “Sweet Dreams!.” Do not end your Advanced Tracking session until you have finished sleeping for the entire night.

Waking Up:

When you are entirely done with your sleep session, rotate the crown to indicate that you're finished sleeping.

Do not choose this option if you are disrupted in the middle of the night and plan on returning to sleep. Only choose this option once you finish sleeping for the entire night.

Viewing Your Results

After you have tracked your sleep using Advanced Tracking mode from your Watch, open the SleepWatch app on your iPhone or iPod touch to view your Time to Fall Asleep result. Your result is located within the ‘Today’ tab beneath the ‘Total Sleep Time’ widget.

Advanced Tracking Is Available With a Premium SleepWatch Membership

While you do not need a Premium Membership to automatically track your sleep with SleepWatch, a Premium Membership is required to track your Time to Fall Asleep and for access to Advanced Tracking and other Premium SleepWatch features.

Looking to become a Premium Member?

Do I Need to Use Advanced Tracking to Automatically Track My Sleep?

No. SleepWatch will automatically track your sleep when you simply wear your Apple Watch to bed even if you do not activate Advanced Tracking. Advanced Tracking allows you to collect additional information about how long it takes you to fall asleep. As a Premium Member, you may wish to use this feature every night, occasionally, or not at all. The choice is yours!

Stay tuned as we further develop Advanced Tracking mode! We hope this latest Premium feature will help you better understand your sleep and help you to build better sleep habits.

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