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Improve Your Sleep With SleepWatch Premium Membership

    Find out all the benefits and perks you'll receive with a SleepWatch Premium membership.

While SleepWatch already offers great features and insights, SleepWatch Premium gives you even more powerful tools to help you find your best sleep. Premium members even have 67% greater odds of reporting improved sleep!

So what does a SleepWatch Premium membership include? Here’s a closer look at our exclusive Premium features:

The easiest way to master your sleep. SleepWatch Score is a numerical representation of your overall sleep based on your own data as estimated by a number of measurable metrics, and is designed to give you an objective assessment of your overall sleep performance in one easy number. Every night tracked gets a new score.

Discover which actions may help you sleep better. While you’re able to track your nightly and daily activities without SleepWatch Premium, upgrading gives you the ability to see which actions are associated with better Sleeping HR Dip and less Sleep Disruption.

Find your ideal bedtime with personalized bedtime reminders for help with better Sleep Rhythm.

Wake up during your optimal sleep stage, designed to help you wake feeling less groggy.

A full, in-depth sleep report every time! Sleep Report Cards offer a comprehensive look at your sleep over a 2-4 week period. You can share a completed Report with a loved one, a doctor, or download for reference.

Premium members receive unlimited access to all white noise sounds, allowing you to drift off to your own personalized soundscape with hundreds of soothing combinations.

What do you say when you talk in your sleep? Capture and listen to your sleep talking, snoring, coughing, flatulence, and more.

Measure your snoring intensity, auto-capture your most remarkable snores, and track your progress.

Unlock detailed results about your 7-day Sleep Rhythm and see how your results rank against other users.

Go beyond this year. Identify changes in your sleep over a longer period of time for a more complete picture of your overall sleep health.

See how your sleep compares to others in the global SleepWatch community. Compare various aspects of your sleep and choose different aggregated groups to compare yourself against. How does your sleep stack up against others most like you? Against the entire SleepWatch community?

Ready to upgrade your sleep-sperience? Log in to go Premium now.

Sleep Watch User Tips

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