What type of account do I have? How do I cancel a SleepWatch subscription?

SleepWatch app has two membership tiers: a free tier, and a paid Premium Membership tier. Your account type indicates what tier of SleepWatch you have.

A Premium Membership provides you with additional tools to help you work towards a better night's rest. Among other benefits, a Premium Membership provides you access to your SleepWatch Score, the ability to enable Smart Bedtime Reminders, additional insights about your sleep, and the ability to see how your sleep compares to other users in the SleepWatch community. Learn more about the benefits of a Premium Membership here.

To view your account type, open SleepWatch app and select the "Account" tab. You will see one of three account types:

  • Free- This is a free account with no associated subscription charge
  • SleepWatcher- This is an account with no associated subscription charge
  • Premium- This is a membership account that is billed either monthly or annually depending upon the billing option you chose.

For Free and SleepWatcher account types there is no formal cancellation process. If you wish to discontinue use of SleepWatch you may do so at any time.

If you have a SleepWatch Premium Membership that you wish to cancel you may log into your SleepWatch account via the following link-https://app.sleepwatchapp.com/account/

Some accounts are handled through the Apple App Store via your Apple ID and some are managed through the SleepWatch account management portal, depending upon how you enrolled in your subscription plan.

When you log into the SleepWatch Account Management Portal https://app.sleepwatchapp.com/account/ you can view your account type as well as where your subscription is managed.

For subscriptions created through your Apple ID via the Apple App Store, your account type will show as "Premium Member" with a link to "Manage on App Store"

You can select the "Manage on App Store" option to be taken to your Apple subscription manager. Apple has additional documentation available here to assist you with subscription management- Apple has the proper steps documented here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

For subscriptions created via the SleepWatch Account Management Portal, your account type will show as "Premium Member" with a link to "Manage"

Selecting the "Manage" option will direct you to a screen that displays your account type, billing frequency, and next billing date. If you wish to cancel, follow the "cancel renewal" option where you will be prompted to complete the steps to confirm your cancelation.

Once your cancelation is confirmed you will receive a popup dialog box with the membership expiration date.

If you have additional questions please contact us via SleepWatch app from the "Account" tab under "Feedback and Support" or via support@sleepwatchapp.com