My Apple Watch shows 'Setup Required'. How do I finish Set-up?

These are the recommended steps to take in sequence to ensure Sleep Watch is successfully set-up on your Apple Watch:  

1. Make sure your iPhone is paired to your Apple Watch:    Go to the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone and make sure that your correct Apple Watch is shown.  If the correct Apple Watch is not shown, follow the on-screen instructions to pair the correct Apple Watch to your iPhone.

2. Make sure your iPhone Bluetooth is enabled:  Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone.  'Bluetooth' should be On.

3. Make sure your iPhone Airplane mode is disabled:  Go to 'Settings' on your iPhone.  'Airplane Mode' should be Off.

4. Make sure your Apple Watch Airplane mode is disabled:  On your Apple Watch,  Tap the 'Settings' icon (Gear icon).  Tap on 'Airplane Mode' and make sure it is Off.

5. Open the Sleep Watch App on the iPhone. If you have not already done so, complete the initial set-up / on-boarding process until you are viewing the ‘Today’ screen.

6. Once you can see the 'Today screen, open the Sleep Watch App on the Apple Watch.

7. Force press (press firmly) and tap ‘Refresh’.

8. Wait for the process to complete. Note, if process does not complete, power cycle both devices.

9. Once the process is complete, you should either see the current day’s sleep report or a screen that reads ‘No Sleep Data’. At this point, your Watch and iPhone Sleep Watch system have been properly set-up.

10. Wear your New Apple Watch to sleep for at least 1 hour to see your personalized Sleep Report on either your Apple Watch or your iPhone through your Sleep Watch App!