*Beta* REM and Deep Sleep Tracking

REM & Deep Sleep Tracking!

You indicated interest in REM or Deep sleep reporting. We're very excited to announce that our Beta version of REM & Deep Sleep Tracking is now available to you if you wear an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer to bed.

What will change if I use this new Beta feature?

If you choose to use this new Beta feature, you will be required to take an additional step each night by enabling “Sleep Focus” on your Apple Watch before going to sleep and disabling it upon waking up in the morning before viewing your SleepWatch report. If you do not take this action, your sleep may not be tracked. For days that you track sleep using the new Beta mode, you will gain access to a new sleep pattern graph that will visualize your sleep stages including REM, Deep, and Light Sleep. This new Sleep Pattern graph will replace the existing Sleep Pattern graph and Total Restful Sleep Time widget. With the new Beta mode, you can still track your Total Restful Sleep Time and Total Restful Sleep Percentage within Trends.

Should I update now?

Please note that we are still working to refine the user experience related to this Beta feature, and use of this mode requires that you enable “Sleep Focus” on your Apple Watch before going to sleep, and disabling it when waking up to ensure that your sleep—including REM, Deep, and Light Sleep tracking—gets tracked. If you want a fully-automated sleep tracking experience without having to manually enable “Sleep Focus” before going to sleep and when waking up, then we advise you not to switch to this new Beta tracking mode.

How do I access this new Beta feature?

  1. Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16 or later

  2. Upgrade your Apple Watch to watchOS 9 or later

  3. Upgrade your SleepWatch app to 7.2.1 or later

  4. Switch your sleep tracking mode to our new Beta option:

    • Open the “More” tab in the SleepWatch iOS app
    • Choose “Settings”
    • At the bottom of “Settings” select “Sleep Tracking Mode”
    • Then select “Apple Watch + iPhone (Beta)” as your tracking mode
  5. Before going to sleep each night, enable “Sleep Focus” on your Apple Watch via the Apple Watch Control Center to ensure your sleep gets tracked

  6. Upon waking up from sleep each night, turn off “Sleep Focus” on your Apple Watch via the Apple Watch Control Center before accessing your SleepWatch report

I don’t see an option on my Apple Watch Control Center to turn on “Sleep Focus”

To be able to have the option to enable “Sleep Focus” on your Apple Watch Control Center, ensure you have a sleep focus created:

  1. On your iPhone navigate to Settings app > Focus
  2. Ensure Sleep is an added focus in the list. If not present, then add it by tapping on “+” and then tapping on “Sleep”. You do not need to configure the focus settings any further.
  3. You now have the ability to enable sleep focus on your Apple Watch Control Center.