Under-Sleeping and Over-Sleeping

Here at SleepWatch, we have a keen interest in keeping up with the latest in sleep news and innovation. This week's articles cover the importance of getting the proper amount of sleep—no more, no less.

For your reading pleasure, here are some of the articles the team has found interesting this week.

Sleep Study Finds We Need 7 to 8 Hours but Many Don’t Get Enough:

“A new large-scale study suggests sleeping too little – and too much – can dull your thinking. The findings, published in the journal SLEEP on Monday, show people who get an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per night perform better on cognitive tasks, such as reasoning and problem-solving, than those who sleep more or less than this generally recommended amount.” Read the article from The Globe and Mail here

What’s so Bad About Over-Sleeping?

Users of SleepWatch Premium have noticed that if you significantly over-sleep it can cause a drop in your daily SleepWatch Score. Is over sleeping just as bad as under sleeping? “Sufficient sleep duration requirements vary across the lifespan and from person to person” but the National Sleep Foundation recommends, “7 to 9 hours for young adults and adults, and 7 to 8 hours of sleep for older adults.” Learn more about the study here.

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