Ep 118 | KonMari Quick Tips: Apps and Tools That Spark Joy

    Karin Socci — self-organizing KonMari expert — talks about habit tracking tools she uses in her podcast with Kristyn Ivey.

Today’s KonMari Quick Tips episode is all about tracking habits that spark joy.

Tidying is a self-care activity. But, unlike heading to the spa or grabbing a box of chocolates, your KonMari tidying event is intentionally a bit uncomfortable, launching you into a layered growth journey that extends well beyond your closet.

This is where habit tracking comes in! Once you’ve tidied A-Z, literally making thousands of decisions about all of your greatest treasures, you officially enter maintenance mode.

Post-KonMari is the perfect time to start to take a more critical look at the behaviors that lie beneath the clutter. This includes both good and bad habits you’ve accumulated over time.

Listen to the podcast starting at 07:25 here!


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