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The Routine

The latest season of your favorite show just dropped for streaming and it turns out every episode ends with a cliffhanger. Suddenly, you look at the clock horrified at how late it got. The next day, your alarm buzzes. It’s wake-up time. Dragging yourself out of bed seems like the last thing you want to do.

Sound familiar?

We wanted to share some free and premium features that might help.

Our daily routines, like late night binge watching, can have a negative impact on our rest. Having the needed discipline throughout the day -for good sleep habits later on- means having to be constantly vigilant of our choices. For example, should we have that cup of coffee in the afternoon or take a meditation break? It means being smart about prioritizing sleep against our need to be productive and our daily agendas. Ironically, science shows that the more you are under-slept, the harder you may find it to maintain good choices.

"Ironically, science shows that the more you are under-slept, the harder you may find it to maintain good choices."

Seems like a bad downward spiral, doesn’t it? We would like to make it easier to break the cycle. If you are motivated to improve your sleep habits, the right tool can make a big difference.

Keeping Track Is a Start

For some, seeing one’s own sleep data is motivation enough to make changes. For example, if you are keeping track of your Sleep Rhythm, you may already be taking steps towards improved sleep regularity.

But for many of us, we admittedly could use a nudge from time to time. Something as seemingly simple as a reminder to get to bed at a particular time could make a difference. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a little guardian under our control to remind us at just the right time to take the right action for better sleep?

"Wouldn’t it be great if we had a little guardian under our control to remind us at just the right time to take the right action for better sleep?"

Even More to Help You

Think of SleepWatch as your programmable sleep guardian. SleepWatch has free features to give you greater control. SleepWatch now enables you to receive personalized coaching and insights directly on your wrist throughout your day—without having to open the companion iOS app— to make it easier for you to make good choices about your sleep. Many of the insights that you are already familiar with from the “Update” feed can now also be delivered directly to your wrist, if you have notifications enabled. We’ve also given you greater control over when SleepWatch can send you any insights and coaching about your sleep in your Account settings in case you find that receiving nudges at one particular time in the day is more useful than another. In the Account tab you will find a way to enable and disable certain notification windows. We recommend that all of them be on to get your insights and nudges at the right time, but we give you ultimate control.

Our Midday Routine is Important to Our Sleep

Do you find yourself reaching for that cup of coffee in the afternoon? How we feel in the morning may not be enough to build the whole picture of how you are sleeping. How fatigued we feel later in the day may be a good indicator of whether you are getting adequate sleep. This could help you broaden the picture of how you are sleeping. SleepWatch will sometimes ask a question later in the day, "How fatigued do you feel?" We'll help you use this answer to give you more insights and a richer picture of how you might be sleeping.

Getting to Sleep On Time Can Be Half the Battle To A Better Night’s Rest

Additionally, for Premium Members, we have Smart Bedtime Reminders. SleepWatch launched this Premium feature to more reliably nudge yourself; improving your chances of feeling rested the next day. For example, based on your own recent sleep times, we automatically notify you when you might want to consider winding down for the night to help promote or maintain a good Sleep Rhythm and improve your odds of waking up feeling more refreshed. Your wind-down routine may involve reading, meditation, dimming the lights, or a warm pre-sleep shower. In any scenario, knowing when to begin thinking about sleep can set you up to be more in control.

Taking charge of our habits takes a lot of mental juice. Towards the end of the day, most of us have exhausted our executive function coping with our daily agendas. Sometimes a little help is needed. These nudges that we can give ourselves can make the difference in reaching our sleep goals. Every night that we get right is a win!

Over time, these small wins add up to big gains in sleep habits, which may improve how rested we feel. We hope that you will find these tools useful for your goals and resolutions.

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