New Feature: Dark Mode

SleepWatch Introduces Dark Mode

SleepWatch app is focused on empowering you to take control of your sleep and develop better sleeping habits. While it’s most ideal to avoid screens entirely at night, we know that isn’t always possible. This new feature is designed to darken the background of SleepWatch app for a better nighttime experience.

How do I Enable Dark Mode?

Dark mode can be enabled/disabled by selecting the “account” tab, then “my settings” followed by “display mode.” Enabling Dark Mode sets the SleepWatch iOS app user interface to use all-black backgrounds. This setting can reduce the amount of light emitted by SleepWatch app and promotes easier viewing in the dark.

Will This Mode Help Colorblind Users?

There are many different types of colorblindness and the team at SleepWatch strives to provide accessibility to all users. While this mode may not help all colorblind users, we do expect that it will be an improvement for some users.

Is There an Extra Charge for This Service?

There is no extra charge for this enhancement feature.

All SleepWatch users will have access to Dark Mode to manage your app experience. We hope you enjoy this feature upgrade.

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